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Is the age of Big Brother P.C. over?

I’m not talking about Microsoft, I’m talking about political correctness. Yes, now that the dark ages of Bush conservative censorship are on the wane, we once again see the left wing anti-speech goblins rising from the muck.

American Thinker believes that perhaps it is over. But, Ann Althouse reports a little less cheerfully on the subject.

I sadly have to agree with the Althousian view. Representing Anthony Ciolli and watching him suffer through the effects of a liberal witch hunt showed me that she is right.

All of this resurgent political correctness is not good for free speech. At least when the conservatives try and take away free speech, they are honest about it. They want to ban speech that threatens their hold on power or that offends their pastor. When the liberals come a-knocking for our First Amendment, they are far more sneaky about it. They want us to believe that censorship equals free speech. That Orwellian perspective is why I think that in the grand scheme of things, Mari Matsuda is as much a threat to freedom as Sam Brownback.

Free speech is about listening to others, even when it becomes offensive. Free speech is about listening to what you disagree with or what you dislike due to previous misconceptions. And maybe, somewhere in the wake of the political correctness of Georgetown University, someone will be forced to listen — that’s what free speech does. (source)

Sidebar: Althouse is one of my favorite blawgs, but I can’t seem to remember that the address is — I keep typing in, which is interestingly enough, a filthy cybersquatter’s website. C’mon Ann, go medieval on his ass!

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