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Its Just Broads! (What is the Opposite of a "Sausage Fest"?)

The dating service, “It’s Just Lunch” is being sued by an unhappy former client. Complaint here (HT to On Point News). The complaint describes IJL’s services as “grossly deficient and substandard in almost every aspect.” (Sounds like my last relationship).

The plaintiff is not identified by her first name, but you can tell it is a disgruntled woman. Why? One of the alleged “Lies during the initial interview” was “The number of women is grossly disproportionate to the number of men in the system.” I can’t imagine a single guy getting annoyed with an overly target-rich environment.

Perhaps this complaint will wind up being a kind of reverse Streisand effect? If I were available, I’d certainly pay $1,000 to be in a system where women are grossly disproportionately overrepresented! Of course, once the word gets around, the women will flee for the doors and it will become “Its Just Guys” (I brainstormed for an hour trying to figure out the male equivalent of “broads”).

The complaint references an online exposé about the dating service. I found this part funny:

Eliza H. of St. Paul, Minnesota, says IJL’s employees are no modern-day Cupids.

“I told them I didn’t want to date any Republicans and also didn’t want to date anyone religious,” she says. “The first person they set me up with was a Catholic who was also a Republican. The second guy they set me up with was a Seventh Day Adventist.”

I had a friend in Naples, Florida who used IJL’s services. Her nightmare stories were consistent with what I read in the exposé. Those post IJL date phone calls I got from her were usually so freakin’ funny that I believe the membership was worth it for comedic value alone.

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