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Job Posting – Defend the First Amendment

Randazza Legal Group is looking for an associate who is already licensed or a law student we can have do some work and then farm up.
We are First Amendment lawyers.
We went up against the government because they were trying to censor a guy who protested in favor of LGBTQ rights. Then, we used the same underlying briefing to support a woman who protested against Pride Month. We are Catholics who assist pro-abortion protesters and Satanists. We are Jews who fight for Nazis’ free speech rights. We are gays who fight for people who want to end marriage equality. We find the greatest purity in supporting speech we despise, because that is what freedom is about.

Our dream candidate is someone who has an origin story of why they love the First Amendment. None of us chose this area of law. It chose us. Have you ever lied in a job interview saying “ERISA plan drafting is interesting to me” or some such shit because you were trying to land a job, and the whole time you felt like an asshole because you knew you just wanted to be knighted by Lady Liberty, but you didn’t know where you could do that?

Then, welcome home. Your FUCKING DESTINY AWAITS.

Do we need some on the ground help now? Yeah.
If you’re a law clerk and you just wanna work here for a semester or a summer to see how it goes, that’s acceptable. But, the dream is that we turn you into a First Amendment lawyer. We want to ruin your mind so you can’t ever do anything else. This is not a practice area that you measure in years, but in generations. You can come help for a few months, and move on. But, with any luck, you’re the next one the First Amendment chooses to defend it.

Get in touch. I’m not saying how, because part of the job is figuring shit out. Figure it out.


If you’re an experienced lawyer, I need someone who I don’t need to ask for status reports. You should be bugging me to tell me how on top of things you are. Real First Amendment lawyers are dying off faster than they can be replaced.  Get in touch.

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