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Judges Like Adult Entertainment Too

A Colorado Federal Judge is in the news because his wife of three years left him after discovering that he racked up a $3,000 tab over two separate nights in a Denver strip club.

“I’m ashamed and mortified just telling you that is the Diamond Cabaret . . . a topless establishment,” he testified. He also reportedly said he couldn’t recall how he could have spent so much at the strip club. “I had had a lot to drink . . . and I don’t remember,” he said, according to the transcript.(source)

I, for one, would like to say that the good Judge has nothing to be ashamed of. Well, let me put a big fat caveat on that. I don’t mind when judges, senators, mayors, or anyone else frequents adult entertainment establishments, watches porn, has extramarital affairs, etc. What gets me worked up is when they have flown the “moral values flag,” and then they are busted with the same human foibles and peccadilloes as the rest of us.

From what I have seen in my (admittedly brief) research, this judge has been a fair and honorable guy. More importantly, he doesn’t seem to have been an anti-porn crusader. So he racked up $3,000 in strip club charges. That’s not really a lot of money when you consider a bottle costs $200, door charges, etc. In fact, it doesn’t seem to indicate much of anything except he is a red-blooded American man.

Now, I do think he should be a little smarter with his money, but who am I to force good judgment upon him?

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