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Killing a fly with a bazooka – Wisconsin prison guards use grenade inside cell and try and cover up the evidence

File this under “holy shit!”

Wisconsin prison guards decided to toss a “non lethal” grenade into a prisoner’s cell. This grenade usually is used for outdoor crowd control. Naturally, the use of such a device on a 135 lb inmate seemed like excessive force, and the inmate received a $49,000 settlement.

But then the Wisconsin prison officials didn’t want to release a video of the incident. They complained that it would compromise guard safety.

The department initially denied the request for the video, claiming that release could jeopardize the prison’s camera surveillance system and allow inmate viewers to plot against guards. Later, the department admitted the footage was taken by a guard with a hand-held camera, not by the prison’s surveillance system — a fact AP reporters discovered while covering Jackson’s underlying civil rights case, Dreps said. (source)

Perhaps they should have just tossed in an Illudium Pew 238 space modulator.

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