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Kudos to Israel and Shame on the AP

The Associated Press reports that Israel’s supreme court has ordered the “security barrier” moved near the village of Bilin. Here is how the AP starts the story:

BILIN, West Bank – In an embarrassing blow to Israel, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state to redraw the route of its West Bank separation barrier near a Palestinian village that has come to symbolize opposition to the enclosure.(source)

“Embarrassing blow”???

When a nation’s laws serve the cause of justice, and not political expediency, that is hardly “an embarrassing blow.” When a nation’s Supreme Court rules according to the law of the land, and not according to the will of hateful demagogues, it is a demonstration of the strength of that nation’s belief in itself.

This may be an embarrassing day for Israel’s Likud Party, which is the Israeli equivalent of the South African National Party (the party that enforced apartheid). However, this is a day of great honor for the State of Israel, and especially for the integrity of its judicial system. If the Palestinians and the Israelis are to live together, it must start with both sides making steps like this.

For the AP to call this an embarrassment for Israel is both inaccurate and irresponsible.

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