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Rekieta adv. Quest

Rekieta adv. Quest

Marc Randazza


Case Overview

Nick Rekieta is a popular YouTube personality who provides legal commentary on contemporary issues and cases while using a casual, profanity-laced style. Steve Quest, an internet personality and filmmaker who goes by various names, including “Montagraph,” has been the subject of online discussions for a decade. These discussions have included allegations of him being involved in the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, creating a snuff film featuring a minor, and engaging in pedophilia and having sex with a watermelon.

In late 2022, Rekieta began discussing Quest’s reputation and the allegations about him in several videos and livestreams. Quest filed complaints with the Kentucky Bar against Rekieta, but they were unsuccessful. Quest then sued Rekieta for defamation. In response, Rekieta filed a motion to dismiss under Colorado’s Anti-SLAPP law, claiming that Quest was a resident of Colorado.

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