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Soto adv. Lowry

Soto adv. Lowry

Marc Randazza


Case Overview

In this case, reality TV stars Kailyn Lowry and Briana Soto became embroiled in a defamation lawsuit. Soto posted on her Instagram profile in June 2021, discussing an incident from October 2020 where Lowry was arrested for allegedly assaulting the father of her child. Soto claimed in her posts that Lowry did not want the incident covered on the show and that Lowry had broken and entered into a home as part of the assault. Lowry sued Soto for defamation, alleging that Soto’s claims were false. Soto filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, citing Florida’s Anti-SLAPP law, which applies to suits based on statements related to television programs. The court found that Soto’s statements were accurate and that Lowry was a public figure who could not show that Soto published the statements with “actual malice.” As a result, the court dismissed Lowry’s claims.

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