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Look Who is Against Proposition 8

The California Council of Churches has petitioned the California Supreme Court to invalidate Proposition 8 on the same grounds as gay rights groups have claimed — that Prop. 8 was not a constitutional amendment, but rather a constitutional revision — which requires more than a vote of the electorate.

“Proposition 8 poses a grave threat to religious freedom,” said Rev. Rick Schlosser, Executive Director of the California Council of Churches. “If the Court permits gay men and lesbians to be deprived of equal protection by a simple majority vote, religious minorities could be denied equal protection as well—a terrible irony in a nation founded by people who emigrated to escape religious persecution. If the Court permits Proposition 8 to take effect, religious discrimination similarly could be written into California’s Constitution.” (source)

Yeah, exactly.

And while it would be funny to watch those chickens come home to roost (anti-mormon amendment, anyone?), Proposition 8 and all of its sister amendments across the country have re-defined “America,” much more than anyone or anything has re-defined “marriage.”

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