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Man Jailed For Importing "Obscene" Manga

Recently, Christopher Handley, an anime/manga enthusiast was sentenced to jail for six months for importing manga containing cartoon depictions of underage girls engaging in sexual activities.   He possessed no non-cartoon child pornography and his lolicon manga consisted of a “small percentage” of his anima/manga collections, which number in the thousands.  Handley pleaded guilty to violating the Protect Act of 2003.  He faced a possible prison term of fifteen years.

If the dude has serious sexual desires for 10-year-old chicks, he needs help, not tossed in jail.  There is a fine line between Lolita and a lot of these mangas.  And this line determines whether one spends fifteen years in PITA prison for reading a comic book.  A comic book that is legal in Japan.

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