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Massachusetts School District Says "Why Bother?" To a Stupid Clothing Rule

Here’s something you would never see in Flori-duh.

A Central Massachusetts school committee considered a proposal that would ban the display of cleavage, bare midriffs, and exposed underwear — and shot it down. (source)

Wait… Jesus Christ on a crutch! They want our kids to be PORNOGRAFIED???

No, that’s not it at all.

The Tantasqua School Committee shot down a proposal to ban cleavage along with bare midriffs and exposed underwear, which are already forbidden at the Tantasqua Regional Junior High School handbook, said Principal Jennifer Lundwall.

“We are pretty strict here with the dress code in general and don’t really have a huge dress code problem,” said Lundwall. “We don’t have something that’s out of control.” (source)

You see that? The School Committee sat down with a proposal that was sure to raise some heightened emotions, decided that it wasn’t an out of control problem, and refrained from passing new, stupid, rules.

In the words of Guinness Beer, brilliant!

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