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Miami Heat Minority Owner Raanan Katz Sues An Anonymous Blogger

Miami New Times

The Miami New Times reports on a case in which Randazza Legal Group is defending an anonymous blogger against a SLAPP suit.  Alongside Kain & Associates, the firm is defending a blogger who wrote blog posts about lawsuits involving a public figure, Raanan Katz.

In Sunny Isles Beach, Raanan Katz has a street and an official day named in his honor. His company, with its omnipresent “RK” basketball logo, seems to claim every other strip mall in North Miami-Dade. He’s also minority owner of theMiami Heat.

Yet Katz apparently believes he’s not a “public figure” and thus can sue online critics at will. (source.)

Katz brought suit in state court in Florida. However, the case has been removed to Federal Court.  As of the date of this post, the blogger’s anonymity is preserved.

Marc Randazza, an attorney representing the blogger, calls the suit “garbage.” Says Randazza: “The greatest threat to free speech isn’t the government; it’s rich guys like this with lawyers who won’t say no and have money to burn.” (source.)

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