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Missing Child Alert — oh, wait… she's black. Never mind.

Jahessye Shockley -- missing, but who gives a shit?

You ever heard of Jahessye Shockley? Of course not. When little girls go missing, we only give a shit if they are white — preferably from middle to upper class families. That’s what her uppity grandma says. (source) Please join me in telling her that she should have thought of that before she decided to be black. You may now resume your regularly scheduled viewing of the Nancy Grace show. And don’t say that Nancy Grace doesn’t give a shit about missing minority kids. She once reported on a missing half asian kid.

Seriously. The next time you wonder what the hell Elie Mystal is so pissed off about, ask yourself if his kid went missing whether the media would lose its mind until she turned up. You know, and I know, that missing little Black, Hispanic, and even Asian kids don’t matter to our shit-assed media.

They matter to me. They matter to lots of bloggers.

So the next time someone says that blogs are not “real media,” remember that.

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