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More Righthaven Fun – Urgent Appeal

Since my firm is handling this litigation, I will keep my comments somewhat neutral.

Our old friend, Righthaven was ordered to pay $34,000 to a guy they wrongly sued. Righthaven didn’t pay. Righthaven begged the court to excuse it from paying. The Court told it to pay or it post a bond for that amount. Righthaven filed an “urgent” motion with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (here)

We, naturally, opposed the urgent motion. Opposition here.

I need not comment where others have done such a good job.

Ken at Popehat gives us an homage to “A Few Good Men,” with Oh, Well, If It’s An URGENT Motion, That’s TOTALLY Different.

Steve Green at Vegas Inc. provides a less opinionated, but very informative article. Righthaven facing fraudulent transfer claim.

We jump back over to the opinionated side of the coin with Mike Masnick, over at Techdirt, and his Righthaven Still Trying To Avoid Paying Any Legal Fees Of Those It Illegally Sued.

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