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My First Earthquake

I guess there have been other earthquakes since I’ve been out west, but I never really noticed them. Today was a little different. My chair started bouncing up and down, and I thought that the dog was jumping on the back of the chair. Then I noticed that the windows were waving in and out, everything on the shelves was shaking, and there was a really strange noise outside. Funny enough, I had just finished watching 2012 about 15 minutes earlier.

I am sure that seasoned Californians laughed this one off. But, I ran to grab Jennifer from the shower, and made her hold on underneath the doorway. Then ran into the baby’s room, grabbed her and ran outside. By the time I got all that over with, the earthquake was over. Car alarms were going off, but there was no real disruption to anything. At the epicenter in north east Baja, it was a 6.9 7.2, which is a pretty strong quake. By the time the shock waves got here, it was only about a 4 on the Richter scale.

Today's earthquake intensity map
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