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Naked People- Ewwwww!

Those who live or spend a good amount of time in the Valley of the Sun will notice that, like all states, Arizona has its share of religious wackos and crazy leftists. I have friends in this state from the very far “cling to your bible and gun” right to “dear god wipe off that patchouli oil, you effing hippie” left. Arizona, in the past year or so, has gotten kind of a bad rap for its political landscape. And, while I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes my fellow Arizonans are a bit…crazy…this reputation is, at least in some instances, undeserved.

Until our legislature gives us a wtf moment.

It seems as though our elected officials (Representative Steve Court to be exact), when presented with the plethora of problems this state faces with immigration, unemployment, education, and border crime, decided to take a stand and do something really meaningful; amending the Arizona Revised Statutes to protect the unassuming public from the scourge of the dreaded lap dance and the evil underboob. Source. No more booze, either, if this monstrosity passes.


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