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Nat Hentoff on "Freedom for thought we hate"

The Great Nat Hentoff reviews Freedom for the Thought that We Hate by Anthony Lewis… and tosses out some marvelous inspiration of his own:

Once our republic began, James Madison expected that no American would be punished for his “thoughts.” But “hate crimes” laws vigorously and incredibly supported by the American Civil Liberties Union are what Madison feared. If these added penalties for thought crimes, also passed overwhelmingly by the House, get to the Oval Office, the president should veto the legislation.Source

Hentoff is right.

I’m proud to be an ACLU member, but I certainly do not back all of their views. Hate crime legislation is one department where I break with that organization. You should be allowed to hate anyone you like, and if you hit someone with a shovel, you should pay for that crime — not for what thoughts went through your head as you did it.

Look at what hate crimes legislation has wrought north of the border.

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