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New Obscenity Prosecution – United States v. Adult DVD Empire

Federal prosecutors have filed obscenity charges against Adult DVD Empire in the Western District of Pennsylvania. (source) This is the same district where Mary Beth Buchanan held her little reign of terror. It appears that her successor, Robert Cessar, is just as much of a petty little control freak as his predecessor. this was a left-over case from her obnoxious and un-American ass. Time will tell if her successor, Robert Cesar, is as much of a petty little control freak as Buchananan or if he’s just cleaning out the old files and saving face.

Nevertheless, prosecutions like this, my readers, is why I will not be voting for Obama in 2012. I don’t give a shit if “Bible Spice” Palin is the Republican nominee. At least with her, as with George W. Bush, there was truth in advertising. They both ran as bat-shit-crazy religious fundamentalists, and you got (or you’ll get) what is on the packaging.

UPDATE: The case has apparently already ended in a plea bargain. The defendant is to plead guilty, pay a $75,000 fine, and will be on probation for three years.

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