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New York Times chimes in on the Crystal Cox Story

David Carr brings us “Judge Clarifies That Bloggers Can Be Journalists (Just Not One in Particular)” this column on the Crystal Cox “bloggers vs. journalists” story.

The first time this story broke, much of the reporting on it was sloppy. Bloggers and “traditional” journalists alike all latched on to the narrative that Judge Hernandez locked bloggers out of the journalism club (Carr was one of the few who was not fooled). This time around, the blogosphere seems to see this case for what it is: A repudiation of extortion, not of blogging.

Judge rules, again, that blogger Crystal Cox is not a journalist. You know why? Because she ISN’T a journalist.

Crystal Cox – Investigative Blogger? No, More Like A Scammer and Extortionist

A Blogger Not Like Us

How Crystal Cox Is Helping To Prove The Strength of the First Amendment

Investigative Journalist Crystal Cox Attacks Kevin D. Padrick

Crystal Cox

Crystal Cox Is Not a Member of the Media

Crystal Cox

A shield law for bloggers? OK, but not for extortionists.

It seems that with District Court Judge Marco Hernandez’ clarified order, the blogging world sees this case for what it is. Other bloggers’ are coming to the same conclusion that one of Cox’s early allies came to:

Stephanie Studebaker-DeYoung's statement on Crystal Cox
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