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Last night, I had to make a little visit to the emergency room. (BTW, everything is just fine)

You know how the ER goes. My problem was pretty big, so they rushed me right in. Then out. Then in. Test. Wait. Test. Wait.

My wife gets there, and is amazed at how calm I was. Normally, being made to wait around makes my head explode.

The thing is, when I first got there, I had to wait about 15 minutes before they saw me. The ER at this hospital has one door to the pediatric ER and another door to the adult ER.

In those intervening 15 minutes, the doors to the pediatric ER opened up, and a woman from the coroner’s office exited. I don’t need to explain what that means.

Nothing has pissed me off since then. I’m not sure that much could.

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