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Pwned by the mancession? Go east, young man!

By J. DeVoy

Gay porn is booming in Prague.  As out-of-work men look for a way to earn a living, more are turning to adult entertainment.  This is especially true for the Czech Republic, which has become one of the largest exporters of this commodity.

Apparently the E.U. is quite accepting of this arrangement:

In many European countries, especially the Czech Republic, the views on sex and sexuality tend to be more liberal than in the U.S.

Also, the majority of gay actors describe themselves as straight, many of whom have girlfriends and wives. They say they are “gay for pay” and do it solely for the money.

And there are market forces to consider.

According to a gender and sexuality expert, there is a big demand among American gay men to see straight men performing in gay porn.

That’s why producers in the Czech Republic prefer working with straight men, especially those who have never done porn or had sex with men before. Producers market their inexperience as an asset and say the feeling and expressions they capture are more real.

With an increasing portion of men out of work relative to women, could this be a trend in the United States?  Specifically, low-skill men who can’t create value without the benefit of someone else’s capital could benefit from going this route.   Based on recent experience, I’d say those people tend to be more attractive than law students during their respective prime porn-making years.  (This is, however, hard to reconcile with the contention that IQ and beauty are positively correlated.)  If this option becomes popular – and it may, as it’s inherently safer than the “oldest” profession – producers may be able to snap up fresh talent at a substantial discount.

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