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Sherman Frederick, douchebag who backed Righthaven posts infringing material on his own blog

If you don’t already know what Righthaven is, go google it. I’ll wait.

So Sherman Frederick is a certified douchebag who compared bloggers posting Las Vegas Review Journal Stories to someone stealing his corvette. I would link to the story, but I have pledged to not link to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Instead, here is an article by Wendy Davis at Media Post, in which I am quoted mocking Sherm.

Well guess what?

Mr. Asshat Frederick seems to have done the same thing that his little fucktard operation sues people for. (source) The only difference is that nobody is going to try and bankrupt him over it.

Hey Sherm, this is posted to mock your sorry ass.
It's called Fair Use. I dare you to sue me.

H/T: Masnick the Great

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