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Student requests ‘diversity of thought’ training after teacher belittles him for political view

Student request diversity of thought

Randazza Legal Group is proud to represent 12-year-old Jackson Cody of Gloucester, Mass., who requested that the staff at O’Maley Innovation Middle School participate in ‘diversity of thought’ training after he said a teacher mocked him for supporting President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

“He is not suing anyone at this time,” Marc Randazza told the Gloucester Times on Friday. “He and his family are very community minded and have no desire to cause any unnecessary conflict.”

“We do not want money, we do not want anyone fired, we only want this to stop,” Randazza wrote. 

According to the Gloucester Times, the staff training that is scheduled for next week will include role-playing challenging scenarios that may come up when students discuss issues that are very important to them

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