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Stuff you can't do

If you’re a cop, you can’t pretend to be an inmate’s lawyer so that you can gather confidential information from the inmate to use against him in his prosecution. (source)

If you’re a lawyer and you omit portions of a quote from a court opinion, you can’t do it without using ellipses to show that you’ve omitted something. This is especially true when you take out words that hurt your case and leave in the ones that help it. (source)

You can’t run on that “HOPE” and “CHANGE” platform and then do MORE OF THE SAME CRAP. Well, you can, but you don’t get my vote in 2012. (source)

You can’t use the word “faggot,” even if you’re really in favor of gay rights, and you’re using the term to make a completely valid and strong gay-rights point. (source).

You can’t (for now) just run around in the woods in New Hampshire, dressed as bigfoot, to scare hikers and film their reactions — at least not without paying for a permit and getting insurance coverage. (source) The ACLU is challenging the requirements. Given the 603’s friendly attitude toward free speech, Bigfoot may once again roam free on Mount Manadnock.

No matter how shitty you might think Firefox is, you can’t tell Firefox that you think their shitty browser is shitty. (source)


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