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The ABA Blawg 100 is here — and I want you to vote this year, more than ever.

The Legal Satyricon is the two-time reigning champion of its IMHO/Opinion category.  Yay.  

And, of course, we’ve been nominated again this year.  However, this year we have a new member in our category — our beloved friends at Popehat.  Popehat has, inexplicably, been snubbed for the past two years, and did not make the nominations at all.  It should have.  

We have two ABA 100 trophies already.  We gave one to the Hare Krishnas and we gave the other to  Would we like a third?  Sure.  But, we’d rather see Popehat get its due.  And a win in this category is its due.  They might have beat us at least one of the years that we won — had they been nominated.  They certainly deserve it.  

So please go to and cast your vote in the “opinion” category for Popehat.  

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