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The Elko Daily on the effort to kill Nevada's Anti-SLAPP law

The Elko Daily has chimed in on Senate Bill 444. (here) It should come as little surprise that they’re against it too.

So far, we have liberals and conservatives, both aligned on the common ground that Senate Bill 444 is terrible for Nevada. How often does that happen in America nowadays?

I hope, I really hope, that it continues. Senate Bill 444 was a paragon of sleaze. It wasn’t announced in advance, like most legislation. To the extent anyone would have seen it, it got put on the agenda under the innocuous name “Revises provisions governing civil actions.”

Why do you think that is?

Do you think that if it said “Revises the Anti-SLAPP Act” that people might have noticed, and shown up at the Senate hearings?

Yeah, probably.

No single senator had the balls to put his name on the bill, but State Senator Greg Brower was the guy who lobbed softballs at the proponent of it. In his last election, Greg Brower only took 50.23% of the vote vs. 49.77%.

His seat is vulnerable, and I say lets go after it. Campaign contributions are definitely coming from me to whomever runs against him, unless he makes amends somehow.

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