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The Only Thing They Have in Texas is ….

Religious zealots and a few Jews trying to stem the tide of theocracy?

The Texas State Board of Education is thinking about opening the door to teaching creationism in its science classes.

Rabbi Nancy Kasten, of Dallas, said:

Jewish tradition teaches that we serve God through a never-ending process of asking questions and making discoveries about our world … Studying the world using the tools of scientific method…and forming and testing hypotheses, is the way that scientists formulated our current understanding of evolution. This understanding does not conflict with the Jewish view of Creation. While there are still things to discover about how life evolved and continues to evolve, the questions that challenge current understandings are part of the scientific process itself, and should not be categorized as ‘strengths and limitations’ in the interest of raising doubt about widely accepted scientific method and promoting specific religious views. (source)

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