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The Right Way to Shut Down an Adult Bookstore

Using force of law to shut down a First Amendment protected businesses is unlawful and wrong. But, this is America, and you can always use your money to buy out a business you don’t like. Cary Wiggins reports on just such a move in a Detroit suburb. Lots of people still harbor the superstition that adult businesses cause adverse effects.

This superstition gets its support primarily from those who have objections to the content of the material sold in those stores. Put it this way, would you rather see a lingerie and video store in your neighborhood, or a big sign that says CHECKS CASHED? Depending on your answer, I think I can predict which side of the First Amendment debate you fall into.

When the “no porn crowd” takes control, it often gets communities into long, expensive, drawn out, and often futile wars with these businesses. The City of Warren is obviously governed by sensible minds. Unfortunately, I doubt that this move will have any measurable effect upon the blight in their town.

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