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The (sort of) Week-End Blog Loot!

Zac Papantoniou's Blog Loot!
Zac Papantoniou’s Blog Loot!

Pre-Election Week Edition… W00T!

Editorial and Comment by Zac “I’m-ill-yo” Papantoniou

1. Seriously, making Gov. Palin look stupid is getting a bit redundant… but she makes it so easy pull off, that even French-Canadian radio DJ’s are taking their turn playing “lets-tease-the-idiot”! Listen in as Gov. “Jane Six-Pack” Palin shows off her foreign policy skillz, while attempting to chit-chat on the phone to (who she believes is) “French President Nicolas Sarkozy”

– Bonus: Read the transcript of the conversation here

[Props to Scott H. Greenfield, Esq. at Simple Justice; Scott Finch at The Daily Kos; and my roommate Cristian Maselli for pointing the story out to me in the first place]

2. The Legal Satyricon linked to this post from, once already… but it needs to be done again Glenn Greenwald summarizes my personal distaste for far-right-wing, conservative, hypocrisy so eloquently, it’s like he’s been having sex with my brain for the last 8 years…

[Props to Glenn Greenwald at]

3. For those graduating law school with me this May, who are [also like me] really worried about getting a job after passing their respective bar exams…. Have no fear, because “Above the Law” had a post, just this week, discussing Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé/VH1 reality star/Harvard Law grad David “Punk” Otunga’s newest, post-law school (non-traditional) employment plans!

[Props to Above the Law]

4. One piece of knowledge that has been passed down to me pounded into my head, by a really smart attorney/professor (who will remain nameless), is that you always treat your/any paralegal with the utmost respect and cordiality. He didn’t explain to me that this could happen, but I will surely not be on the wrong end of a beheading thanks to that man’s infinite wisdom…

[Props to Seth at QuizLaw]

5. EPIC FAIL for this ass-hatFilmDrunk wrote a hilarious post about the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) getting weepy-eyed [dripping with sarcasm] over some guy who was handsomely rewarded for pleading guilty to illegally recording the films Enchanted and 28 Weeks Later, by being “sentenced to 21 months in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison…”

[Props to FilmDrunk]

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