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The Verge Profiles T. Greg Doucette, The Lawyer Chronicling Police Brutality

Black lives matter

Tired of people around him rationalizing police violence as the act of a few bad apples, T. Greg Doucette, a North Carolina-based criminal defense attorney, took to social media to make a clear statement that police brutality is not an isolated issue that we can ignore.

Doucette posted 10 videos, 10 separate examples, of police brutality in cities across the United States on May 30. The Twitterverse sent his post into virality and ultimately, birthed an online archive of gross injustices perpetrated by those entrusted to protect and serve.

Just three months later, Doucette’s original Twitter thread has more than 1,700 videos which have been compiled into a public spreadsheet by Doucette and mathematician Jason Miller.

Randazza Legal Group represented Doucette in a case about access to public documents that the Sons of Confederate Veterans tried to censor.

Read more about T. Greg Doucette and the work he’s doing to bring awareness to police brutality in this profile by The Verge.

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