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This Message Brought to You By the World's Biggest Drag

Earlier this month, the State Department’s Chief Diversity Officer, John Robinson, admonished us all to watch what we say because, yet again, somebody somewhere might be offended. Source. (see column entitled “Diversity Notes”, beginning on P. 8)

Most people are already familiar with the term “handicap” and why those who take issue with it do so. Similarly, anyone who’s seen the Boondock Saints knows the consequences of using “Rule of Thumb”. But also added to the growing list of verboten phrases are: “Hold down the fort” for being offensive to Native Americans, “Black and Tan” for being insensitive to the Irish, and “Going Dutch” for portraying Nederlanders as cheap.

I guess a PhD in obscure history and phrase etymology are now prerequisites to stay off the PC Police’s radar. To be honest, I find Mr. Robinson’s dusting off of that terrible 1990’s phrase “NOT!” more egregious than any of the new inductees to the PC handbook.

No apologies to NHRA racing enthusiasts who may take offense to being compared to something that is un-fun.

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