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Transgendered Women are not "Dudes," Dude.

A bouncer at a St. Petersburg nightclub told some transgendered women that they couldn’t participate in “ladies night,” because they were “dudes.” (source) But, the story has a happy ending. The bar owner got wind of the issue (after a boycott was organized on Facebook) and both apologized and pledged to train his staff.

“Our staff, in my opinion, didn’t do anything with the intent to harm somebody,” Marshlack said. “I don’t think the bouncer’s statement came from a place that was meant to be harmful. I think it came from a place of being misinformed.”

Marshlack said he plans to speak with his staff about the incident and ensure that from now on, transgender people will be treated with respect. The Tavern also wants to work with the community to raise awareness of transgender issues.

Late Friday, a public apology was also posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages for Bishop Tavern and Lounge.

“Bishop strives on being one of St. Petersburg’s premier nightlife destinations for everyone, without prejudice,” the apology read. “We really appreciate the fact that we live in such a diverse community. This event has given us the opportunity to better educate our staff to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience regardless of who you are.” (source)

Ladies night is for all “ladies,” no matter how they became one.

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