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TSA Agent Dumps Grandpa's Ashes – Laughs

Amy Alkon, ever vigilant in the struggle against the TSA, brings us this horrifying story about a TSAsshole who decided to open a container of human remains, stir them with her finger, and then who dropped them all over the floor and laughed about it.

She writes:

Another commenter wrote: “Unfortunately, because there are people who want to commit terrorism, we have to put up with the TSA.”
This sounds like thinking but it’s actually nonthink.

The TSA has not caught a single terrorist in its $60 billion plus history. It hires unskilled workers who would otherwise be vying hard for a job in the fast food industry to violate other Americans’ constitutional rights for pay — while ignoring the vast security holes in cargo.

This is not how you root out terrorist plots — it’s by having highly trained intelligence officers use probable cause to find out who plotters are long before they ever get to the airport. What we have now is obedience training for the American public — to be docile and polite as our rights are yanked from us…as they increasingly are these days.

This is part of why I call for us to engage in full scale psychological warfare on every TSA agent, and part of why I proudly represented Ms. Alkon when a TSA Agent tried to shake her down. (Shakedown letter here, fuck you letter here).

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