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Video Leads to Voyeurism Charges & Civil Suit

What is it with Gainesville and surreptitious video? Back when I was at the University of Florida, some guy got arrested for putting a web-cam in the women’s toilet in a restaurant. No, not just in the bathroom, but in the toilet. The thought of installing it makes me want to barf, let alone the thought of firing up the computer and saying “hey man, come see what I can do!” That guy got arrested.

Of course, the classic version of the Gainesville gander is this: Guy hooks up with Girl. Guy has his buddy hide in the room and videotape the encounter. Guy screws girl and then has circle-jerk with his fraternity brothers.

Not so in a recent story from the Gainesville Sun. This time, the girl wins. She not only caught the guys in their little game, but managed to physically wrench the tape from the guys, called the police, and the guys got 10 days in the Alachua County clink on charges of misdemeanor voyeurism.

Now the girl is suing the guys and the fraternity for invasion of privacy.

And in an unrelated story, another Gator installed software on a girl’s computer so that he could secretly watch her via web-cam.

Word to the wise… this kind of stunt can get you in lots of trouble. If you’re considering videotaping someone, ask for permission. If they say “no,” then just buy your porn commercially, for god’s sake.

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