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Weekend read: "Compliment & Cuddle"

By J. DeVoy

Just in time for the weekend, controversial pickup writer Roosh has finished his seminal work Compliment & Cuddle: The Nice Guy Method to Making Love.  It’s free, online, and can be read in an hour at most.  Like all of Roosh’s work, it will shock and offend the uninitiated and willfully blind, especially with its adolescent tone, and amuse everyone else. (Don’t say you weren’t warned.)  In each of the five parts, you will learn to curb your masculine desires to be your own person and enjoy your life in an effort to become an appropriately sensitive, groveling 21st century man who begs for affection.  Important tips include treating any girl who looks at you like a celebrity, spending lots of money on her right away, and to fall in love — a.s.a.p.!

All five parts are available at the following links:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I find this project hilarious in a painful way; while I am not the most practised student of Roosh’s particular style of game, Compliment & Cuddle is a comprehensive guide of what not to do.  Even when you have a girl in a relationship and the heavy lifting of attraction-building is done, one can still feel her slip away and lose interest by taking things seriously, as impromptu meetings at a shitty bar where you talk about the time you got arrested in college and drank an entire bottle of gin with the band Pigface become dinners where you listen and conduct a conversation about some important issue in her life.  To the extent C&C can be heeded as a cautionary guide, it is a valid one.  Being a calculated puppy-kicking asshole won’t get you anywhere, either.  But utter indifference and a triumph of self-concern confer a man with the keys to obtaining all the frivolous relationships he could want.

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