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We're Still Thinking of You….

I got an interesting email today. I have redacted the identifying information just to be nice.

Dear Marc,

Good afternoon. Just a quick note to let you know that you are still being considered for new opportunities by [REDACTED] in [Florida]. If your contact information or status has changed at all, please feel free to update us. Additionally, please feel free to email an updated copy of your resume at your convenience.

Thank you for your continued interest in [REDACTED].

So I wrote back:


I’ve never heard of you

And I then got this reply:


Thanks for your note. The resume we have on file is from 2001. We use to be known as REDACTED, but went through a rebranding years back.

If you are no longer interested in hearing about new opportunities, I can remove your name from our distribution list. If you’d like to continue to receive updates regarding new opportunities, please feel free to send an updated resume along.

Thank you.


You know, that was kind of sweet. Imagine if I was sitting here on my ass, still unemployed after 8 years. This would have come right in the knick of time!

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