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When Fifth Graders Go Bad

The latest in gang iconography
The latest in gang iconography
Jordan Hood’s fifth grade art teacher told him to draw a scary Halloween mask for his art class. He complied.

However, when Jordan’s homeroom teacher, Melissa Pevey, saw the drawing, she found it disturbing. Pevey was concerned enough to contact assistant principal Valerie Johnson and Campus Police.

But it wasn’t blood and gore that bothered Pevey. She believed the blood looked a lot like gang-related teardrop tattoos, and she thought the words “I Kill For Blood” could be tied to an infamous Los Angeles street gang known as The Bloods.

Then, a kid who had never so much as heard of “The Bloods,” was hauled in for a psychological evaluation.

“He didn’t know anything about gang symbols until the teacher accused him,” [his mother] said. “We moved to Pooler thinking he’d be in a more diverse school with better opportunities.

“And so far, it hasn’t been a pleasant experience.” (source)

There was no report as to whether Melissa Pevey or Valerie Johnson were also forced to have their frigging heads examined.

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