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When PC Attacks

Despite all the respect I have for our brothers north of the border, they do occasionally make me happy that I live in America. In Canada, the politically correct crowd managed to pass a law that makes it illegal to disparage a religious group. Could you imagine if I lived there? (I disparage all religions equally).

Ezra Levant is a Canadian neo-con, and certainly no friend of liberty. The man simply hates muslims. He harshed on the muslims by publishing the infamous Danish cartoon of the prophet Mohammed (Wikipedia Entry).

For that, the Canadian government dragged Mr. Levant before an investigator who sought to determine his intent in publishing the cartoon. Ass hat or not, Mr. Levant masterfully handled the interview.


If only everyone, Canadian, American, or otherwise, told their government to go fuck itself any time they were subjected to such treatment. Mr. Levant is absolutely correct.

Unfortunately, there are still those in America who would bring such power of inquest for offense to this country. When you hear pandering ultra-liberals calling for speech codes and “hate crime” legislation, this is what they are calling for. Thoughtcrime. Let this be a warning:

Just like Bush followers who bizarrely think that the limitless presidential powers they’re cheering on will only be wielded by political leaders they like, many hate speech law proponents convince themselves that such laws will only be used to punish speech they dislike. That is never how tyrannical government power works. (source)

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