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While you were diving…

Wow. All I can say is that I was 50 feet below the surface of the ocean on a diving trip in Cabo when this gem broke:

State education officials voted to add evolution to the required course work in public schools, but only after a last-minute change depicting Darwin’s seminal work as merely a theory. Bending to pressure from religious conservatives, the State Board of Education, on a 4-to-3 vote, included the “theory” language as part of a retooling of the state’s science standards for public school education. The compromise would require teaching that Darwin’s proposal that life evolved over billions of years is a theory that has yet to be proved conclusively. The panel includes the word “evolution” in state science standards for the first time, but it is relegated to a number of ideas including Einstein’s theory of relativity. Newton’s law of gravity is taught as fact. (source)

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel found a great wack job to give them a quote:

“Evolution is just another one of Satan’s lies to get people to believe there is no god,” the devout Christian said. Lopez is not worried about exposing her children to the theory of evolution, though, saying, “my kids know the truth; I just don’t say it’s not true, I show them proof.” (source)

Yeah, that ought to get your kids ahead in life.


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