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Alleged assailant to off-duty cop: Chomp chomp cha-chewy chomp

By J. DeVoy

A Chicago police officer may be nippleless after an altercation outside a Gold Coast bar.  The damage seemed quite extensive:

Along with several punches that caused cuts to the officer’s eye, the man also “severely” bit the cop’s nipple.

Both the suspect and the cop were treated for cuts and bruising to their faces. However, a doctor said that the bite on the officer’s chest was so severe, the cop “lost a body part,” according to the report.

The mind wanders as to how an assailant gets into the position of biting off his victim’s nipple.  Regardless, felony charges are pending against the accused.  Most disturbingly, NBC Chicago attempted humor with this zinger:

Talk about getting something off your chest.

Leave the funny to us, hacks.

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