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by Jason Fischer

Republican candidate Scott Brown has successfully knocked off his Democrat opponent Martha Coakley in a Massachusetts special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy‘s Senate seat.  In doing so, the people of Massachusetts have all but doomed President Obama’s hopes for getting the currently proposed health care reform legislation passed.  The message to our government seems clear:  “We don’t like what you’re doing!”  The surprising part is that it comes from Massachusetts.  Massachusetts!!  (Maybe Marco’s right about them folks being smarter than the average American.)  If one of the bluest states in the nation (Obama won Mass. by 26 points just over a year ago) is turning its back on the party in charge, hopefully the liberal leadership will shut up and listen, rather than loudly asserting that they know what’s best for us all.  (Personally, I hope they keep their fingers in their ears, and this story repeats in November.)


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