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Betas, Online Dating and Anonymous

By J. DeVoy

At the limply beating heart of all things beta is a lack of options.  Anonymous, ever the ingenious amorphous blob of misanthropy that it is, seized upon this and organized an “involuntary flashmob” in midtown Manhattan by using spoofed female dating profiles to lure men into appearing at the same place at the same time. Vice has the writeup.

The entire affair was recorded on camera, and plenty of photos abound.

It’s screwed up to do this to people, but it’s Anonymous, so: 1) we expect this conduct from them, and 2) the only thing injured was pride; this isn’t something that rises to the level of IIED. (Also, good luck if litigious victims go after Vice for displaying photos of them in a public place.)  In a way, Anonymous is providing them a service by giving the victims cause for deep, serious introspection – kind of like Roosh’s Compliment and Cuddle.

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