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A reason to swallow and a reason to spit

In his Valentine’s Day-themed editorial in Surgery News, “Gut Feelings”, Dr. Lazar Greenfield cited to a study that reported that semen has anti-depresseant and mood-elevating effects upon women. He concluded: “So there’s a deeper bond between men and women than St Valentine would have suspected, and now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolate.”

So ladies, that appears to favor the swallow side of the equation.

Of course, out come the feminazis, giving us a reason to spit. Feminist groups, who wished to remain anonymous, promised to protest any meeting or conference at which Dr. Greenfield was in attendance. As a reaction to the furor, Greenfield gave up his editorship of Surgery News. That wasn’t enough for the whining minions of cock-haters, so he was pressured to step down as President of the American College of Surgeons as well. (source).

And that just makes me want to spit.

Dr. Greenfield is an internationally respected surgeon. His joke was actually funny — well, unless you’re some dumpy bitch who hates the cock or anyone who possesses one. Then no jokes are ever funny. They are merely an opportunity to destroy a man.

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