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Screw U.S. News

Here is a hell of a news flash: U.S. News doesn’t consider quality of teaching, practical skills training or faculty-student relations, while bar passage rate and placement have low importance

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Announcing the MTTLR Blog

Kurt Hunt, of the law student blawg, Clever WoT announces his latest project: The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review Blog (,

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"Regent-Gate" Update

David Lat over at “Above the Law” has an exclusive interview with Adam Key. The entire interview is worth reading, but here are some choice excerpts. David Lat: In terms

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Jack in the Beanstalk is Real!

Well, not really. Nevertheless, if you ever teach at a community college in Iowa, be careful which fairy tales you talk about. Professor Steve Bitterman, a professor at Red Oak

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America’s War on Sex

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists has named Marty Klein’s America’s War on Sex the “Sexuality Book of the Year” Dr. Joy Davidson, who presented the award,

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New Cyber Law Blog

I would like to announce the launch of, a new joint venture of InternetNZ and Victoria University School of Law in Wellington, New Zealand. Edited by Philip Greene,

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