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Libel Tourism Law Passes!

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) represents the people of Memphis, TN. His district also includes Graceland. That can’t be a coincidence, because he is the Congressional King of Free Speech legislation.

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"White Collar Trash"

JD Hull’s “What About Clients?” blog could kick Chuck Norris’ ass. Evidence: Read this little passage he writes about law professor Peter Friedman. This man can help you. He deferred

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Worst. Dad. Ever.

Dad puts 14 year old son on a Southwest Airlines flight (bound for Flori-duh, of course). On flight, older woman gets frisky. The older woman allegedly made sexual advances toward

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[youtube=] Speaking of awesome, hat tip for this goes to the publisher of Siouxsie Law.

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Banged up Boobies

Irene Ferrari, the owner of Russia’s largest breast implants, is suing a Swiss airline because she said that the “skimpy” business class seating didn’t provide enough room for her ginormous

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Nostalgia rush

By J. DeVoy If you’ve ever wondered how much easier it would be to beat Super Mario Brothers with characters from other Nintendo classics, you’re not alone — and now

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