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Get a First Life

First of all, ha! Freakin ha! Funniest Demand(?) Letter Ever(??) Oh, and WOW! [youtube=] Back to HA! Click here for more HA.

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Jonathan Richman

The world would suck without Jonathan Richman in it. If you’ve never seen Jonathan Richman live, you really need to rectify that. Here’s a great preview: [youtube=] Here’s a great

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Can You Digg It???

This story has shades of the 2600 fiasco as well as shades of 1984. Over the past few days, there has been quite a hissy fit over this: 09 F9

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Overreaching Copyright

I don’t know what “Clever WOT” means, but I’ve never asked. Nevertheless, this guy is a law student somewhere who nails copyright issues a lot better than most IP professors.

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