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Employment Law

Pirate Apprenticeships

by Jay Marshall Wolman How quaint the ways of Paradox! At common sense she gaily mocks! Though counting in the usual way, Years twenty-one I’ve been alive. Yet, reckoning by

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Spics Not Welcome

by Jay Marshall Wolman By now, you have probably heard that Simon Tam won his case before the Federal Circuit regarding his attempt to register a trademark for his band

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The Mark of Cain

Looks like Herman Cain is having a three way and not in the awesome sense.  A third woman has reportedly come forward with an allegation that Mr. Cain acted inappropriately

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Big pot joints big labor

By J. DeVoy Despite the decline of organized labor in the United States with sagging manufacturing, construction and transportation sectors – areas long associated with unionized workforces – the Teamsters

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Broken Penises and the Law

By Marc J. Randazza As office workers, few attorneys have the opportunity to contemplate what workplace injuries can mean to their clients. Honestly, what’s the worst injury you can get

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