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Asshat or Imbecile?

Lets say you make $94,000 a year in a great job as a clerk at the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. Lets then say that some kid emails you asking you

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Retarded Paparazzi law signed

I’m not shocked that Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor. I’m just surprised that it wasn’t Flori-duh that elected him. The Governator signed an anti-paparazzi bill to permit lawsuits against media outlets

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We Don't Roll That Way

Ellen DeGeneres, aside from being annoying, also hires idiots. She apparently used more than 1,000 copyrighted songs on her show without permission or paying royalties to the artists. Lets set

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"God is not Religion"

The state of Kentucky passed a law requiring the Emergency Operations Center of their Department of Homeland Security to post a plaque stating the following: The safety and security of

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"Stupid" Definied

MONICA NOVOTNY: John, what about this controversy over opposition to Obama’s speech to school children? JOHN HARWOOD: I gotta’ tell you Monica, I’ve been watching politics for a long time,

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