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Ebola is the New Black

Ok, not really, but I figured it was a catchier title than “Ebola is the new paranoia for the stupid genetic refuse that proves that Idiocracy was not just a

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You Have Got to be Kidding

Hunter Moore:  Amateur Craig Brittain:  Lightweight Looks like posting compromising photos of unsuspecting victims is not enough.  Someone, who obviously once sat on a copy of the nutshell on copyright

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We are doomed

If the Mayans were wrong, maybe we should make them right. Here’s why: [youtube=] A civilization that produces this does not deserve to make it to December 13.

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TSA Agents DO have a choice

My hatred for the TSA is well documented. Examples here, here, here, and especially here. For those of you who say “they are just doing their jobs,” well they have

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Kids today.

Move over Florida!  Looks like Arizonans are overtaking you in the WTF department. Not content with traditional methods of imbibing alcohol, Arizona teens are soaking tampons in Vodka and shoving them

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PETA must be trolling us

Now I am convinced that PETA must be the most well-organized practical joke in the world. They are suing Sea World for violating the 13th Amendment. The theory? Keeping killer

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