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Georgetown Law School steps on its dick

I often write about the worthlessness of legal education. Given that I attended Georgetown Law, it doesn’t take a 179 LSAT score to figure out that for the most part, I am talking about that place. Of course, it is nice that they added an olympic sized swimming pool to the place since I graduated. But, I have a funny feeling that GULC grads want jobs, not a big thing of water to play in.

The GULC student bar association came up with an idea as to how GULC could serve them better — by offering more credit for externships (you know, real practical experience). Their proposal is here, and they make a reasonable point.

Stanford gives 12 externship credits; Berkeley gives 10; GW gives 8. Currently, Georgetown gives 2 credits; we’re debating whether to raise that to 3. ( source)

Naturally, the dipshit do-nothings that teach Bisexual Vegetarianism and The Law threw a barely literate, logically bankrupt shit fit.

Yeah, call me for an alumni donation. I’ll say the same thing I have for 10 years. “What the hell did you do with the $75K I already gave you?”

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